Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekend Finds

Our weekend finds are back and here is the first for 2012. We have cheated slightly and added in two Hornsea 'Springtime' canisters that we found during the week but we love them so much we have pictured them again.

Hornsea items were our biggest finds this week with the 'Springtime' canisters and the striped kitchen items. The cups at the front are made by Seltmann Weiden Bavaria and are beautiful. We also came by the Ercol table which looks great in our livingroom so may be a keeper! Whilst browsing through a warehouse this weekend we found this Smith Corona electric typewriter. We have never bought an electric one before but this one, with its wood effect surround, seemed to call to us. Look out for our new finds on our website soon. 


  1. Wow, you guys have a great eye! Beautiful finds as always. Those dishes would be such a great addition to my kitchen. I love Hornsea items.

    1. Thank you, Hornsea have many great items and we always love finding different designs that we have not seen before.