Monday, 21 November 2011

Weekend Finds

The choice on Saturday was decorating or getting out and about looking for new items for our next fair at the Academy in Aberdeen from the 1st of December. I found some great stuff.

In the picture above there is a Greenway trio set by Hostess Tableware. I found a set of six in perfect condition. Next to the trio is a gorgeous Winnblad March wall plaque and a Midwinter Berkeley milk jug.

I also found some lovely items in their original boxes. A beautiful set of Ravenhead Chunkies which have never been used and a set of Arcopal egg cups.

If you see anything in our blog or facebook that you would like more information about please e-mail us as we often sell items before we get a chance to put them on our web site.


  1. You found such fabulous pieces! Thanks for stopping by my place. Can't wait to see what you find next.

  2. Thank you it is great to hear someone else is loving our finds as much as us.

  3. You find some amazing stuff. An inspiration for those of us at the start of the journey of collecting vintage homewares. :) from @collectini